Plain Weave Scarves

After a few plain weave scarves I felt ready to try something a little more adventurous and I thought I would share it with you. 

There's a pattern for a log cabin runner in the current Wheel magazine from Ashford and this is my adaptation using two 100g balls of Tekapo 8 ply (DK) yarn to make a scarf instead.

The Wheel is a full colour magazine containing articles, patterns and projects for the fibre artist written by knowledgeable and inspirational spinners, weavers, dyers and felters from around the world. A glossy version is sent to members of the Ashford Club as soon as it is printed in October of each year. A newsprint version is available free in-store from FibreHut.

This is what I used...

So, first I got together the following



You want a warp length of about 80ins. I like the direct warping method using a warping peg as it so quick and easy. Tie colour A on the back warp stick and pull it through the slot to the warp peg (2 ends) and repeat with colour B. Continue alternating the colours until you have 5 double ends of colour A and 4 double ends of colour B (18 ends total). Tie this group of ends in a choke and repeat the whole process starting with colour A another 4 times so that you have 5 groups and 90 ends in total.


Wind on and start threading the first group of 18 ends. I took each group seperately, one by one and cut through, removed the choke and threaded each in turn. Thread the first 5 eyes with colour A and the first 4 slots with colour B. Thread the next 4 eyes with colour B and the next 5 slots with colour A. Repeat for each group. You'll see that when colour A is on top, colour B is on the bottom and vice versa.


Weave one pick of colour A and the second pick in colour B. Continue alternating until you have woven a block of 5 picks of colour A and 4 picks of colour B. Start the second block with colour A and carry on alternating colours with each block having 5 rows of colour A and 4 of colour B. You can keep the edges neat by passing the yarn being used for the next pick under the yarn you have just used. I prefer hem-stitching to knots at the top and bottom of my scarf and find it is easiest to do this under tension so before I wind the work on, I do the hem. I hem-stitch at the other end before I remove the work.


Wash in warm soapy water and rinse (I used a little Fibre Rinse). Lie flat until almost dry and then press with a steam iron. Tidy up the fringe if necessary and wear or gift with pride!