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Needle felted animals August 14 2017

We were very pleased to get a visit from Irene Irving at last Saturdays 'Join in Day' here at Fibrehut. Irene showed us a selection of her magnificent felt sculptures which were breathtakingly realistic!

Wet felting with Penny Dixon July 24 2017

Thanks to everyone who came along to our FREE WET FELTING DEMONSTRATION with Penny Dixon here at FibreHut, Boxtrees Farm. Penny showed us how easy and satisfying it was to felt wool top with the most basic of equipment. There was also a magical demonstration on how to turn a flat piece of felt into a gorgeous 3 dimensional bowl! 

Wet felting with Penny Dixon at FibreHut

Using the 'Minty' wool picker July 15 2017

Today Dianne from Stratford upon Avon guild of weavers spinners & dyers came in with some very nice (but smelly) raw Cotswold fleece. It looked quite matted and was obviously going to make her drum carder work a bit harder than she would like. So we put some though the Minty picker...

minty wool picker at fibrehut

'Join in Day' every Saturday at FibreHut May 19 2017

Pop in and see us this Saturday!

Every Saturday is a 'Join in Day' for spinners, weavers and felters at Fibrehut Boxtrees Farm. Come along and join us to sit & spin, weave, felt and chat. You can have a go at weaving on a rigid heddle loom, peg loom or finger weaving on a weaving frame, try needle felting, test drive an Ashford spinning wheel, use our drum carder or wool picker and lots more. Best of all it's all FREE!

spinning and weaving


New exclusive fibre blends April 27 2017

We've added some tasty new fibre to our exclusive blends range

  1. Ocean added to Black 'n' Silk...
  2. Fruit Salad added to Merino Candy...
  3. Thistle added to Highland Glitz...
  4. Violet added to Whisper...

Easter sit & spin day April 13 2017 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Easter sit & spin day on Thursday 13th April 2017. The sunshine didn't show so we squeeeezed everyone inside the shop! Plenty of laughs, chat and new spinning friends were made... 

We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next sit and spin. Don't forget to join our newsletter list to keep informed

spinning at fibrehut

We've updated our wool selection boxes! March 18 2017

Discover some new wool favourites from around the British Isles!

Three lovely wool selection boxes now available for you to try and compare a range of British combed tops. We hope that you discover some new favourites! They are all 100% natural wool in 100% natural shades (so no dyes). Nicely boxed this selection comes with brief fact sheet describing each fibre to help you decide how you may use each one.

  1. Best of British
  2. More best of British
  3. Even more best of British

Best of British wool selection box

FREE SOAP SAMPLE! February 05 2017

Now you can try Mitchell's fantastic wool fat soap FREE OF CHARGE courtesy of FibreHut! Cleanse and nourish your hands with Mitchell's original lanolin enriched soap. We will send you a soap sample for free but you will have to pay postage so why not put more items in your basket to make it worthwhile. Available here while stocks last! 

Free wool strap download January 18 2017

If you need some spare wool top straps you can now download them free from fibrehut. There are four straps per sheet for you to print, cut out and sort your stash.

Click HERE for the download page

Wool is natural, renewable & biodegradable October 15 2016

Wool is natural, renewable & biodegradable. Every year sheep produce a new fleece making wool a renewable fibre source. At the end of its useful life wool can be returned to the soil where it will quickly decompose...

September FibreCLUB October 06 2016

September 2016

The September fibre was beautiful hand dyed Corriedale supplied in a free organza bag. We included a sample of a luxury Mulberry silk hankie and supplied a couple of YouTube links to show how to stretch and draught them out ready for spinning! The member's discount code was for 10% OFF Mulberry silk hankies

Take a PEEK at previous months!

You can take a closer look at the contents of previous FibreCLUB's here.



Spinning and weaving classes September 01 2016

Get creative and learn something new at a FibreHut CLASS. Let us teach you how to spin, weave, dye, blend & card. We offer friendly '1 to 1' classes at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and this September they are ALL HALF PRICE!

spinning weaving carding dyeing classes

Take a look at our classes section to see what's available. 

Fibrehut village show - sit & spin - August 20th July 23 2016 1 Comment


Swaledale July 21 2016

I have never personally spun Swaledale myself before now but I thought as there is lots of it in the shop I might TEST some!

Open day on 16th July July 03 2016 1 Comment

We had another one of our popular open days on July 16th with FREE DOUBLE DOLLOP ICE-CREAM!

Come along to our open day here at Boxtrees Farm Craft Centre on Saturday the 16th July from 10am to 4pm. Sit and spin, weave and chat with us. Bring your own wheel or loom and we will treat you to a FREE HENLEY's ICE CREAM!

Tour de Fleece 2016 June 11 2016

"Tour de Fleece" is a Ravelry event that takes place in tandem (pun intended!) with the Tour de France...

Come and join Team Fibrehut on Ravelry's Tour de Fleece 2016. The aim is simple - challenge yourself, spin, have fun. You have to be a Ravelry member but it's quick and free to join...  Sign up>>

Open day 4th June June 04 2016 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone who turned up to enjoy spinning in the sun and eating cake! There were hands on demonstrations on the blending board and the drum carder. If you couldn't make it this time don't worry... we will see you at our next sit and spin open day!

Hand Dyed FibreCLUB May 20 2016

Here's how it works... A limited quantity of hand dyed fibres are on sale each month. Buy as many as you want for delivery to your door at the end of the month. You won't know exactly what you are going to get so it will be a lovely fibrey surprise through your letterbox each month! It may well be fibres that you would never have considered before and there lies one of the main attractions - indulging yourself with something new...

BIG ASHFORD spin and weave day! April 22 2016

Over 70 enthusiastic spinners, weavers and fibre artists enjoyed a great day with special guest "Kate Sherratt" from Ashford New Zealand plus free cake, free wheel check up and lots of lovely fibre from the fibrehut shop! A big thank you to all those who attended! 

Fibre users SPRING prize draw March 07 2016

Show us what you make with the fibre that you buy from FibreHut. Post a picture of your creations on our Ravelry page for a chance to win the £25 first prize or two runner up prizes of £10 each...

FibreDYE help page January 16 2016

Fibre dyeing is great fun! But it's also a skill that requires practice to achieve consistent results...The FibreDYE range is a good quality acid milling powdered dye designed for use with protein fibres such as wool, silk, angora, mohair and cashmere. You can use cleaned fleece, natural fibre tops, undyed wool, or woolen yarn balls from discount stores or your own stash (but not acrylics)...


2016 New Ashford products at FibreHut! January 03 2016 1 Comment

Ashford are launching some exciting new products for 2016 including the Freedom roller, table stand, a 15dpi reed and a vari dent reed, a jumbo sized niddy noddy and an orifice reducer bush for the country spinner...

What is this thing called Ravelry? November 14 2015

Many of our customers already know about Ravelry but some don't. I believe Ravelry to be such a great resource for everyone who knits, crochets, spins and weaves, I thought I would share some of it's joys and wonders with you. Ravlery is free...

Fibre users 'Winter' prize draw November 12 2015

Show us what you make with the fibre that you buy from FibreHut. Post a picture of your creations on our Ravelry page for a chance to win the £25 first prize or two runner up prizes of £10 each. We want to see your spun yarn, felted creations, hand dyed fibre and finished shawls, mittens, socks...

Loving my Rigid Heddle Loom! October 08 2015

A little bird (who is in the know) told me that weaving is the new knitting, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! After a few plain weave scarves – varying degrees of success and an uphill clamber up the learning curve – I felt ready to try something a little more adventurous and I thought I would share it with you...

Sunshine Spinners! August 24 2015

Thanks to everybody who joined in with another of our "Spin in the sunshine" days. We were so lucky with the weather... it was as hot as Spain! Everyone had a good time with of lots of giggles, spinning chat and cake! Highlights for me included ...watching Tasha spinning beautifully on a drop spindle made from a kebab stick and cardboard! and watching Barbara using an old Ashford Wee Peggy wheel...

No lazy kate!..... watcha gonna do? August 02 2015

The lovely weather a few days ago meant that my wheel and all related paraphernalia went with us to our caravan at Evesham and I spent a lovely few days spinning. I decided to leave my stuff there, expecting to be back soon. The British Summer put paid to that and I was forced to borrow the demonstration kiwi from the shop in order to spin at home. All well and good. Except I didn't have a lazy kate to hand! So how do you hold two bobbins for plying with no Lazy Kate...

diy home made emergency lazy kate

Spinning in the sunshine July 05 2015

A BIG fat thank you to everyone who attended our 'spin in the sun day' yesterday here at FibreHut at Boxtrees Farm. It was nice to see so many spinning wheels and their owners all in one place! It was also great to see passers by who didn't have a clue what we were up to, stop and take interest in our spinning craft...

spinning at the fibrehut spin in the sun day

I Knit Socks! June 24 2015

I know people who have had great success using Southdown for their sock yarn so I started with that. I was advised to try a real 3 ply (three separate singles rather than chain-plying one single)  so I split my hand-dyed braid of Southdown into 3 and spun 3 bobbins of what I thought was a fairly fine single with a fair degree of twist...


FLEECE AUCTION - Proceeds to British Heart Foundation! June 06 2015

We were kindly given some fleeces and have decided to auction them and donate all of the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. The auction took place on EbaY...

Wonderwool 2015 May 05 2015

I had a lovely time at Wonderwool in Wales last weekend. It was great to put faces to names and I was particularly chuffed to meet and chat to Katie who had flown over from Ashford New Zealand...

Spinning with a Drop Spindle October 06 2014

Spindles have been used to turn wool into thread for thousands of years. It's a fairly simple technique that is easy to master but it does require a bit of practice! It's a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time!  Watch out though - spinning is highly addictive...

spinning wool on a drop spindle at fibrehut

Getting started on a spinning wheel September 25 2014

We often get asked this question so rather than re-write the many existing articles on the subject, we'll get right to the point and offer our personal opinions and thoughts based on our own experience...

Total beginner versus Peg Loom July 27 2014

I'm married to a fibre crazed spinning fanatic! My home is full of yarn, fluff, spinning wheels, hackles, batts, skeins, winding things and other medieval looking contraptions. In a moment of madness I might have said that I could weave -  so here we go then. I promise you that I am most definitely a total beginner when it comes to weaving...

My peg loom first attempt