Tour de Fleece 2016 June 11 2016

"Tour de Fleece" is a Ravelry event that takes place in tandem (pun intended!) with the Tour de France...

Come and join Team Fibrehut on Ravelry's Tour de Fleece 2016. You have to be a Ravelry member but it's quick and free to join...  Sign up>>

The aim is simple - challenge yourself, spin, have fun...

Tour de Fleece is an annual Ravelry event that takes place in tandem (pun intended!) with the Tour de France when we attempt to spin every day that the Tour rides - from Saturday 2nd July to Sunday 24th July - with two rest days in between...  Sign up>>

  • Open to everyone, everywhere
  • Newbie, novice or experienced spinners
  • Spin on a wheel or drop spindle
  • Use up your own fibre stash or get discount vouchers for fibrehut fibre
  • Prize draws
  • Challenge days on Sat 9th & Sun 17th
  • Spin every day the tour rides
  • Sat 2nd July to Sun 24th July with two rest days
  • Can you spin 1g for every 10km of the race? (tour distance = 3519km = 351g)
  • Time trial days on 15th July (stage 13) & 21st July (stage 18)
  • Post your photos and share your experiences with us
  • Good fun and a great excuse to spin (as if!)
  • Come to our Fibrehut tour de fleece open day on Sat 16th July
  • Accept our challenges or just spin at your own pace
  • Absolutely no cycling involved!

You'll get a discount code just for signing up!

We're offering a discount code to be used on any fibre in the on-line shop for everyone who joins the team from now until the start of the event so you can stock up! There will also be additional discount codes to individual team members who regularly post progress photo's throughout the event. If you live close enough, you can come along to our one-day "Sit'n'Spin" session on Saturday 16th July... Sign up>>

Join team fibrehut on Ravelry!

So, come along and join "Team Fibrehut 2016" - it's a great motivator to use up your fibre stash, practise your spinning skills, or set yourself a spinning challenge. To be eligible for discount codes and prizes you'll need to sign up in advance and agree to regularly post progress updates and photo's on Fibrehut's Ravelry Group thread where you'll find more info about dates, challenges and prizes... Sign up>>

Sign up on the link below...

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You can find out more about the tour de france on their official website...