Total beginner versus Peg Loom July 27 2014

I'm married to a fibre crazed spinning fanatic! My home is full of yarn, fluff, spinning wheels, hackles, batts, skeins, winding things and other medieval looking contraptions. In a moment of madness I might have said that I could weave... so here we go then.

I promise you that I am most definitely a total beginner when it comes to weaving and I have never even seen a peg loom before. There were a few widths of loom to choose from so I chose the smallest with 12 pegs. I must say it looks nicely made and is pleasing to touch and work with. My wife handed me some warp (the long bits the hold everything together!) and I began to thread each of the pegs in turn making all the warp lengths the same as explained in the instructions. So far so good. I then tied off the ends of the warp 2 at a time. I can see now that this is going to stop the weaving falling off the end.

My peg loom first attempt

Now you just start weaving in and out of the pegs in turn - this really is so simple you just can't  go wrong even my big fat fingers were coping ok. You can use any yarn, roving, torn up rags etc.. When you get about two thirds of the way up your pegs you stop, and then lift each peg in turn and slip the weaving off the peg down the warp and replace each peg in turn and proceed.

At this point I realised that I was actually weaving. "This is witchcraft!" followed by "LOVE.. Come and have a look at this!" The smug look on my wife's face says that I have now been indoctrinated into the magic fibrey knitty weavy circle! I've no idea what I am going to to do with the finished article but then I don't think that matters. Using a peg loom is relaxing, fun, easy to do, and OK if you're a bloke! My wife suggested I make some lovely cushion covers... I was thinking more along the lines of a dog blanket!

My weaving sits in the shop now and I'll carry on doing a bit now and then to show off. I'll let it grow and grow and maybe I'll do some geometric shapes or maybe I'll start something on a 90cm wide peg loom after all... "I told you I can weave!"

Anyway if you can't beat 'em... join 'em!