Spinning in the sunshine July 05 2015

A BIG fat thank you...

A big fat thank you to everyone who attended our 'spin in the sun day' yesterday here at FibreHut at Boxtrees Farm. The weather was good and a lovely time was had by all - even if the gazebo nearly did blow away! It was nice to see so many spinning wheels and their owners all in one place and we hope that you all learned something new! There was plenty of spinning, chatting and cake eating!

It was also great to see passers by who didn't have a clue what we were up to, stop and take interest in our spinning craft - we may even have converted a few to the cause!

Thanks to 'Hiley's Coffee Shop' for keeping us topped up with tea and coffee! ...Oh and thanks to the 'Melting Moments Cake Shop' for giving us some free yummy cake!!!

 spinning in the sun at fibrehut

spinning outside fibrehut at boxtrees farm

spin in the sun day at fibrehut

spinning at the fibrehut spin in the sun day

 spinning outside at fibrehut

fibrehut spinning in the sun day