Make your own lazy kate

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Recently I forgot to take my lazy kate on a trip. So how do you hold two bobbins for plying with no Lazy Kate?

The lovely weather a few days ago meant that my wheel and all related paraphernalia went with us to our caravan at Evesham and I spent a lovely few days spinning. I decided to leave my stuff there, expecting to be back soon. The British Summer put paid to that and I was forced to borrow the demonstration kiwi from the shop in order to spin at home. All well and good. Except I didn't have a lazy kate to hand! So how do you hold two bobbins for plying with no Lazy Kate?

You may have seen this tip before but I thought I'd share it anyway. To make a quick diy lazy kate simply grab two long straight knitting needles (or a pair of chopsticks) and a shoe box or, in my case a wicker basket and hey presto - an improvised Lazy Kate! It does the job in an emergency. This will also work for spindles and you don't need to remove your cop if you have 3 or more spindles!

 diy home made emergency lazy kate

Of course there is no substitute for a proper lazy kate as they are such good value. See the Ashford upright lazy kate in our store.

lazy kate for spinning at FibreHut


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