Ashford E Spinner UK plug recall

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Due to a potential safety hazard with the Interchangeable UK AC/DC adaptor included with your e-Spinner3 or e-Spinner Super Jumbo, Ashford Handicrafts Ltd in New Zealand have requested we replace them with a new UK AC/DC adaptor.

The potential safety hazard is that due to a supplier issue, the UK faceplate can break thus exposing live mains terminals. In the event this happens it is critical that the wall socket be switched off before removing the broken faceplate.

We are sending the new UK plugs directly to all identified customers. Please dispose of your original AC/DC adaptor at your local recycling centre and begin using this new UK AC/DC adapter immediately.  If you bought your e-spinner directly from the Fibrehut shop, please contact us so that we can check we have your details.

Ashford Handicrafts Ltd takes the safety of their products seriously and we thank you for your co-operation.

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