Hand made by Trevor Blackburn

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When he is not weaving or spinning, a long time customer and good friend of ours Trevor Blackburn makes beautiful hand crafted items for us.

Each item that Trevor makes is of wonderful quailty and has been lovingly hand turned often from hardwood, fruitwood and other off-cuts that he has lying around his North Wales workshop. These are not massed produced items so availability is limited and no two items are exactly the same. Trevor is also a prolific weaver - check him out on facebook.


Drop spindles

Trevor turns the whorl of his drop spindles mostly from hardwoods or fruit woods. Each is indivually made and is totally unique. They are well balanced and come with a wool leader attached so that you can start spinning right away!


Orifice hooks with yarn gauge

These are lovely hand made spinners flyer orifice hooks. Each has a carefully turned handle which doubles up as a yarn gauge so that you can easily check your newly spun yarn in wraps per inch or cm. There is an eye to which you can attach your own ribbon of wool to tie it to your spinning wheel. The hook is made with a standard Ashford flyer orifice in mind but will be too big for smaller lace weight type flyers.


Yarn gauges

Individually hand turned, these simple yarn gauges can measure wraps per inch or wrapd per cm. Each has an eye to which you could put on a key ring or add a piece of ribbon or wool and hang in a convenient place.


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