New Ashford products November 04 2017

The Ashford product development guys have been busy and FibreHut are pleased to show you what's new for spinners and weavers.

Yarn stand

Wind your warps without fuss or snags on this handy six-cone stand. Simply sit your cones of yarn on the upright wooden pegs, then thread your yarn up through the yarn guides.

It has smooth yarn guides to ensure tangle and snag-free warping. The stand can hold a variety of cone sizes. Rubber feet on the base for stability. Comes factory lacquered.

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Warp thread weights

Use these handy warp thread weights to hold floating selvedges, supplementary or broken warp threads under tension while you weave. Designed to hold long lengths of warp thread around the central spool. Includes hooks on both ends and multiple steel weights to vary the tension on your yarn. Lacquered. Sold in pairs.

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E-spinner 3 combo

The NEW Ashford e-Spinner 3 is the smallest, lightest and most versatile electronic spinner ever! This fantastic combo set also includes a padded carry bag, 3 x jumbo bobbins, a tensioned lazy kate, on/off foot controller and a bottle of Ashford oil.

The e-Spinner 3 has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp 70 watt motor with soft start and infinitely variable speed from 0-1800 rpm. The optional 12 volt car cord enables you to use it in your car, caravan, RV, or boat with a battery pack. Light weight only 2kg (4.4lbs). Compact only 26 x 14 x 21.5cm (10¼ x 5½ x 8½ins).

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40cm sampleit loom

The popular sampleit loom is now available in a larger 40cm (16") size with a matching floor stand also available. It comes with a 7.5 DPI (30/10) reed (other sizes available) and has built in second heddle slot just like the smaller version.

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Bungy cords

Now stocked by FibreHut as a regular item are these replacement bungy cords for Ashford table looms. Set of 2 for smooth bounce back after beating

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