New exclusive fibre blend of Corriedale and flax linen April 06 2018

Introducing BEACHES - an exclusive blend of Natural Corriedale, dyed Corridale and dyed flax linen. This Corriedale and Flax blend produces a light yarn, perfect for summer wraps, cardi's and tee's. We've used natural and dyed Corriedale together with dyed Flax in a range of soft, muted pastel shades inspired by glorious sunny days spent relaxing on the beach! These pastel shades are also bang on trend for summer 2018.

Buy 'Beaches' here - free samples also available

The Flax gives the yarn a lovely crisp handle and good drape without being too hard and cotton like. It's pretty soft thanks to the Corriedale but the linen will soften wonderfully with wear and laundering.

This blend is a delight to spin! The fibre drafts easily and consistently although it does need a fair amount of twist. A worsted or semi-worsted spinning stye suits the fibre but I also managed to spin semi-woolen from the fold to introduce a bit more loft as shown in this Sailor blue sample.

You can spin it thin and two-ply for a delicious lace weight yarn as shown in this Ariel lilac sample.

...or for a chunkier yarn you can spin thicker and chain ply as shown in these Sunny yellow and Coral orange samples.


Buy 'Beaches' here - free samples also available