Spinning and weaving classes September 01 2016

Get creative and learn something new at a FibreHut CLASS. Let us teach you how to spin, weave, dye, blend & card. We offer friendly '1 to 1' classes at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and this September they are ALL HALF PRICE!

spinning weaving carding dyeing classes


This fun 90 minute workshop perfect for spinning newbies will show you how to spin wool into yarn. Especially useful if you are considering buying a spinning wheel as this will teach you about draw and twist. You don't need to bring anything as you'll be using a brand new drop spindle which is yours to keep... see more!


Using one of our superb Ashford spinning wheels you'll soon be spinning your own yarn. You'll get the chance to have a go on both a single and a double treadle wheel to find which one suits you best... see more!

how to use a spinning wheel


This class is perfect for you if you have already pretty much mastered the basics or you are re-visiting spinning and need to restore confidence. Eg: Too much twist? Too little twist? Inconsistent thickness? Plying problems? Fibre breaking? Drafting disasters? We may even spot the problems that you didn't even know existed... see more!


Using an Ashford rigid heddle loom you'll start weaving straight away! The loom will already be warped for you so you can enjoy making your own fabric sampler to take home and keep... see more!


You'll start from scratch to put a warp on a rigid heddle loom. You'll be using the DIRECT WARPING method which is the best, fuss free and quickest way for all newbies to get started... see more!


Learn how to use FibreDYE (acid milling dyes) to dye wool / fibre top in the microwave.  It's easy when you know how, great fun and no experience is necessary. You can take home your creations and use them for spinning or felting... see more!


Using the brilliant Ashford blending board and an Ashford drum carder, we will show you how to create your own beautiful fibre rolags ready for spinning. It's easy when you know how, great fun and no experience is necessary... see more!


Using an Ashford drum carder you'll soon be creating your own batts of beautiful blended fibre! We'll show you how to use the packer brush, using a doffer correctly, dizzing, painting with fibre, flicking locks, drum carder cleaning... see more!


Take a look at our classes section to see what's available.