We have moved to Evesham! September 21 2018

FibreHut have now relocated to Blackminster near Evesham. Our telephone number has also changed to 01386 830396. The move took place on the 16th & 17th October 2018 and our new shop has lots more space, more stock, more wool, bigger classroom facilities plus lots of other businesses and a country cafe on site!

Blackminster shop now open! Pop along and say "hello". Free wine and cake on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

To find out more about Blackminster Business Park visit www.blackminsterbusinesspark.co.uk

The Blackminster site was built in the early 1900's by George Cadbury of the Cadbury's Chocolate family. His idea was to create a fruit canning factory situated right in the heart of The Vale of Evesham, where the supply of local fruit would be plentiful. Helping to supply such fruit was the recently formed co-operative called "Littleton and Badsey Growers" who had established themselves on the then "Blackminster Rail yard"...

To find out more about Blackminster Business Park visit www.blackminsterbusinesspark.co.uk