bluefaced leicester
BFL humbug mix
bfl humbug
BFL humbug mix

BFL humbug mix

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100% natural British Bluefaced Leicester combed wool top!

This Humbug variant is 33% White, 33% Oatmeal and 33% Brown. BFL is a very popular choice and is a good 'British' alternative to Merino as it is naturally fine, soft, lustrous and silky. 100% natural shade so no dyes used. BFL wool is fine enough to be very comfortable when worn next to the skin, yet is durable and long wearing. 

A fine, soft, lustrous, silky, English longwool approx 25 to 26 microns thick with a staple length of around 85mm to 90mm.

  • Spinning? = Excellent
  • Needle felting? = Excellent
  • Wet felting? = Excellent
  • Dyeing? = Good on lighter shades
  • Blending? = Good

Use our BFL with total confidence for all your spinning, felting and dyeing crafts. A popular choice for spinning on the wheel or drop spindle. Lovely results can be had when dyeing with acid milling dyes. Great for wet felting and needle felting.

Natural, renewable & biodegradable

Every year sheep produce a new fleece making wool a renewable fibre source. At the end of its useful life wool can be returned to the soil where it will quickly decompose unlike most synthetics which are very slow to degrade... read more>