Baby alpaca natural black


Gorgeous super soft Baby Alpaca combed top!

  • Microns: 24-26 microns
  • This is a 100% natural shade
  • Other natural shades available

A bulky, soft luxury bulky fibre with a natural crimp and soft lustre. Alpaca has been used for 100's of years in woven fabrics and is considered to be a luxury fibre. Can be spun into fine soft yarn or blended very successfully with sheep wool to produce a soft blend. Please note that baby alpaca can be difficult to dye particularly in the darker colours.

Recommended uses?

Can be spun to produce a very fine soft yarn. There are limitless possibilities for blending baby alpaca with other wool. Not really recommended for dyeing on its own as baby alpaca can be difficult to dye particularly in the darker colours. However some lovely effects can be achieved when dyeing in a blend.

How much fibre will I need?

You can spin 100g of yarn from 100g of fibre. Yardage will depend on how finely you spin. The weight chart below is a helpful guide but depends on garment size and tension. Always buy enough to finish your project from one batch.

*Device settings can affect the colours shown on screen. There could also be slight variations from batch to batch.

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