dyed merino combed wool top
Cornflower dyed Merino

Cornflower dyed Merino

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This is 100% merino combed wool top that has been commercially dyed to produce solid colours that you can re-order time and time again. It is one of the softest, finest and most popular wools of any sheep breed. 23 micron (64's).



Merino spins very well either on a spinning wheel or on a drop spindle and is widely used for needle felting and wet felting. It also accepts dyes very well but as these are already dyed we don't recommend over dyeing unless you know what you are doing. It also mixes extremely well with other fibres to create lovely custom blends.

The dyes used conform with Oeko-Tex 100. Product conforms with EN71 toy testing. Sourced in South Africa (cape) or South America from non-mulesed flocks.

  • 100g - mittens, socks, hat
  • 300g - cushion cover, shawl, long scarf
  • 600g - baby blanket, cardigan, ladies sweater

Always buy enough fibre to finish your project in one go to avoid slight shade variations from batch to batch (this is in the nature of natural wool). If colour matching is important to you get a free sample first.

For spinning...

100g of fibre spins 100g of yarn the yardage of which depends on how finely you spin. The weight chart above is a helpful guide but will depend on the size and tension of the final garment.

    For felting...

    If the fibre is suitable for felting you'll find that 100 grams will compress down to a grapefruit sized solid 3D shape (approximately). If you only need smaller amounts try our mini selection packs.

    Core wool is a cost effective way to quickly build up 3D shapes before topping off. Another popular product is pre-felt which is ready for further needle felting, or wet felting, or to be used as a base for your project.

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