Falkland natural white


The fineness of the wool from the Falkland sheep is perfect for hand spinning, dyeing and felting!

This is 100% natural white Falkland Islands combed wool top. It is a fine wool with a staple length of around 80 to 100mm and a fibre diameter of between 27 and 30 microns.

What can I use it for?


You can u Falkland wool top for spinning with a drop spindle or spinning wheel, wet felting, needle felting and blending projects. Lovely results can be had when dyeing with acid milling dyes. 

How much fibre will I need?

This will depend on how finely you spin plus the size and tension of the final knitted garment. The weights below are a helpful guide but cannot be guaranteed. If you are unsure, always buy a little bit more than you think you'll need (that's what stashes are for!)

Not sure?

You can order a FREE SAMPLE of this item to try, feel and colour match at home! Please note: we allow a maximum of 8 samples in total per order and post & packing will still apply.

Natural & biodegradable

Wool is 100% natural. Every year sheep produce a new fleece making it a renewable fibre source. At the end of its useful life it can be returned to the soil where it will decompose.

Monitor, phone & tablet settings can affect the product colours and shades shown. There could also be slight shade variations from batch to batch.


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