Simple all-in-one pastel dyes for wool, alpaca, silk, feathers, mohair, angora & cashmere.

Dye easily with this simple all-in-one dye. 25 colours to get creative with. Attractive pastel fashion shades specially formulated for an all-in-one effect. Addition of chemicals to the dyebath not normally necessary. Can be used on the hob or in the microwave using application techniques including 1 pot, rainbow, Ikat, tie & space dyeing. 

  • 25 colours
  • pastel fashion shades
  • Designed for protein (animal) fibres
  • Convenient 20g re-sealable packet
  • Handy measuring spoon (approx 3g)
  • No vinegar or citric acid required
  • Dye crystals so less mess & airborne powders
  • Excellent wash & light fastness
  • Use 3g of dye per 100g of fibre

How much dye will I need?

The approximate quantities of dye required will depend on the dry weight of the fibre and the shade strength required.

Here's our quick start, 1 pot, 1 colour method:

Dry fibre weight Pastel shade
per 100 grams 3g (1 heaped tsp)
  1. Thoroughly dissolve the required amount of dye crystals in enough hot water to make a dye solution.
  2. Add this dye solution to the dye bath & stir.
  3. Add the pre soaked fibre
  4. Raise the temperature slowly
  5. Simmer for 30 minutes
  6. Allow to cool before rinsing
  7. Spin or hang dry.

The addition of chemicals is not normally necessary (in very hard water areas a little white vinegar or citric acid can help). The dyes are safe to use providing a few basic safety in use rules are observed.

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