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"Fibrehut Fusions is my own range of exclusive fibre blends designed to push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of combining fibres beyond the usual merino and silk mixes. I hope you discover some exciting fibres to inspire your next project!" - Gai (FibreHut)

AUSSIE SILK is a fusion of beautiful soft natural white Australian Polworth wool and bright white shiny grade 'A' Mulberry Silk!

  • Price per 100g (3.5oz)

The silk gives strength yet the fibre remains wonderfully next to skin soft and super luxurious. It is an absolute delight to spin and we think the resulting yarn rivals any commercial silk blend. Aussie Silk is the whitest and brightest of our fusion blends and both the Polworth and the Silk will take the dye well although at differing intensities so you can create lovely tonal effects. When nuno felting the silk will wriggle around to create interest. Aussie silk is one of our most luxurious and favourite fusions and definitely one to try!

How much fibre will I need?

The weight chart below is a helpful guide but depends on garment size and tension. 100g of fibre will make 100g of yarn. Yardage will depend on how finely you spin.

*Device settings can affect the colours shown on screen. There could also be slight variations from batch to batch.



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