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A new and exclusive soft, subtle, light & cool blend.

Available in 4 colourways. Price per 100 grams.

  • Driftwood (grey)
  • Rockpool (blue)
  • Sanddune (beige)
  • Seaglass (green)

  • This is a blend of grey Corriedale, dyed merino and natural flax (linen) in a range of subtle colours just perfect for lightweight summer and holiday projects such as wraps, cardigans and tee shirts. We've used natural grey Corriedale from New Zealand together with natural Flax and dyed merino. Price per 100 grams.

    The Flax gives the yarn a lovely crisp handle and good drape without being too hard and cotton like. The Corriedale has good crimp and a soft handle with approx 25 - 30 microns and a staple length of between 80 - 120mm. The flax is in its undyed state and is long and strong. It will soften with repeated wearing and laundering.

    You can see in the picture below how wonderful your finished spun yarn could look!


    How much fibre will I need?

    This will depend on how finely you spin plus the size and tension of the final knitted garment. The weights below are a helpful guide but cannot be guaranteed. If you are unsure, always buy a little bit more than you think you'll need (that's what stashes are for!)

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