acid milling dye
10g Brown Dye
10g Brown Dye

10g Brown Dye

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Powdered acid milling dyes specifically designed for use with animal fibres such as wool, silk, angora etc.

FibreDYE is designed to achieve bright and heavy shades with excellent colour fastness. Available in 16 colours which can be intermixed to produce unlimited colours. Application methods include on the hob and in the microwave. For use with protein fibres only. See our Dyers Help Page

  • Packet contains 10g of dye powder
  • Mix in 1L of water for a 1% liquid dye stock
  • Will dye approx 500g of fibre (dry weight)
  • Dilute dye stock to vary shade strength
  • Fix with heat and citric acid (or white vinegar)

For on the hob dyeing first prepare a 1% liquid dye stock consisting of 10g of FibreDYE powder in 1 litre of water. You can then calculate how much of this stock should be added to your dye bath (depending on the dry weight of the fibre) to achieve the desired shade.

Fibre weight (dry)

Dye bath water

Pastel shade

Medium shade

Heavy shade


Enough to cover well

100ml of 1% dye  stock

200ml of 1% dye stock

300ml of 1% dye stock


Enough to cover well

500ml of 1% dye stock

1litre of 1% dye stock

1.5 litres of 1% dye stock

What WILL it dye?

FibreDYE is suitable for dyeing all protein (animal) fibres such as wool, alpaca, feathers, silk & also nylon (as long as is it really IS nylon!)

What WON'T it dye?

Not suitable for plant (vegetable) fibres such as cotton, hemp, flax, bamboo, and not acrylics and most other man made fibres.


We do not guarantee the result nor do we accept responsibility for the outcome of your dyeing. Dyeing is a craft requiring skill and experience and the colours and effects achieved will depend on many factors. Always test first especially where the results are more critical.

Download "Safety in Use Recommendations" (pdf)