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Gorgeous hand dyed fibre with no membership fees and no waiting until the end of the month. Simply order as much as you want when you want!

We will hand dye especially for you a unique variegated colourway inspired by the four elements - Earth, Fire, Air or Water. You won't know exactly what you are going to get but that is the point (how exciting!) and no two orders will be exactly the same so make sure that you order enough to complete your project.

  • No membership required
  • Order as much as you like whenever you like
  • Delivered within 14 days
  • Kettle dyed to order
  • Choice of base fibre
  • Choose a colourway or let us choose for you!
  • Get help with how much fibre you'll need

STEP1: Choose your preferred base fibre...

We are currently using either Whitefaced Woodland or Bluefaced Leicester.

Whitefaced Woodland wool top is from the English Pennines. This is an excellent rare breed wool that's just perfect  for spinners, wet felters and needle felting, for socks, gloves, mittens, blankets and sweaters. Read Kim's Festival of Fibre blog here.

Bluefaced Leicester is a very popular 'British' alternative to Merino. BFL wool is soft and fine enough to be very comfortable when worn next to the skin, yet is durable and long wearing. It is also a delight to spin and is suitable for both wet felting and needle felting.

STEP 2: Choose a colour palette...


Inspired by fields, woodlands, mountains and landscapes. These colours may represent Spring and are likely to include a plethora of greens, chestnuts and some berry or floral hints.


Inspired by bonfires, autumn leaves and sunsets. These colours may represent Fall and are likely to include reds, oranges, plums and other warm tones


Inspired by clouds, skies, and sunrises, These colours may represent Winter and are likely to include yellow, grey's and paler hues.


Inspired by seas, lakes, ponds, algae, seafoam and rock pools. These colours may represent Summer and are likely to include blues, greens, teals and possibly violets.

or let us choose for you!

* Please note that the images shown are examples of past creations and are not intended to show what your creation will look like. 


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