E-Spinner 3 foot controller

E-Spinner 3 foot controller

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Ashford E-Spinner 3 foot controller

The e-Spinner 3 foot switch allows you to start and stop your e-Spinner without using your hands.

  1. Simply plug in the cord jack into the socket in the rear panel of your e-Spinner.
  2. Tap the foot controller to turn your e-Spinner on
  3. Tap the foot controller to turn your e-Spinner off

The power LED in the ON Switch shows the status of the e-Spinner. Constant on. The e-Spinner is running OK. Flashing short on / long off. The e-Spinner is in standby, (speed set to ZERO or foot switch OFF). Turn the power switch off if you are going to leave your e-Spinner for any length of time. Flashing long on / short off. The e-Spinner has a fault, (too much load or stalled motor). Reduce the brake band tension or apply a drop of oil to the front bearingStart and stop your eSpinner without using your hands. Tap to turn on tap to turn off. For Ashford e-spinner 3 manufactured after January 2016 with a foot switch socket in the
back panel. 


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