EWE and ME™ - Mollie


Can ewe help 'Mollie' find a new loving home?

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  • Excellent condition
  • Pictures are of the actual item
  • Original model number: A7351
  • Circa 2006
  • Collectable
  • Great quality
  • Only 1 in stock
  • Packed in original box (slightly aged).

Ewe've got to admire the concept, but it was actually Toni Goffe's wife who suggested knitting woollies for some shorn sheep. This suggestion was all it took for Toni's fertile imagination to run wild & bring you the fabulous EWE and ME™ collection.

Many of Toni Goffe’s ideas are inspired by his own treasured pets, but the story behind Ewe and Me is slightly different…

‘My wife and I were going to our favourite pub in the countryside when we saw a field of very cold-looking sheep; they had all been recently shorn and were looking very sorry for themselves.
When we got to the pub my wife said she’d like to knit them some little hats and jumpers to keep them warm until their fleeces grew again. I drew a picture of what they would look like and there began Ewe and Me.’

Toni’s award-winning art is collected worldwide, and his humorous characters are as popular as ever. Each beautifully hand-painted member of the flock has its own distinct personality. From the adorable Jacob who just wants to snuggle up in his pj’s — to party-goer Ellis with his shiny red balloon — which one will ewe choose? Perfect for all gift-giving occasions.

© 2016 Toni Goffe.
Washington Green Licensing

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