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JOY 2 folding wheel with bag

JOY 2 folding wheel with bag

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In my opinion

"A Joy to spin on! Not cheap but you will be getting super smooth multi speed spinning in a modern design, sliding hook flyer with scotch tension and a no nonsense stretchy drive band. Folding the wheel is easy & super quick plus the beautiful padded carry bag is included in the price"

The Ashford Joy comes factory lacquered and pretty much already assembled apart from setting up the flyer. Available in both 1 or 2 foot treadle options. Includes three SHF bobbins, orifice threading hook, the excellent padded backpack style bag, a learn to spin booklet and an onboard lazy kate.

    Key features:

    • Factory lacquered finish
    • Mostly pre assembled (requires flyer & braked band set up)
    • Double or single foot treadle options
    • Single drive
    • Scotch tension
    • ratios 6, 8, 11, 14:1
    • wheel diameter 40cm (15¾")
    • weight 5kg (11lb)
    • bobbin capacity 130gm (4-5oz)
    • orifice 1cm (⅜")
    • orifice height 60cm (23¾")


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