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Jumbo sliding hook flyer - double drive

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Fill your bobbins evenly with the squeeze-and-slide stainless steel hook. Fibreglass arms make these flyers light and strong. The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin. The flyer includes one bobbin. Orifice 15mm (⅝”) orifice. Kit also includes 10mm (½”) orifice reducer bush and 10mm (½") flyer bearing reducer bush so you can use your standard flyer without changing bearings.

  • Includes 1 x bobbin
  • Includes orifice reducer bush
  • Includes flyer bearing reducer bush

Jumbo double drive ratios...

  • Traditional 4.5, 5.3, 6
  • Traveller 4, 4.5, 5

    *Use the Ashford Compatibility Chart to see which bobbins fit which flyer or spinning wheel.

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