Magenta FibreDYE


You can inter mix these top quality acid milling dyes to produce a wonderful array of colours. They are designed to achieve bright and heavy shades with excellent colour fastness. Dilute your dye solution to achieve various shades. Application methods are simple including on the hob, microwave or food steamer.They are safe to use provided that a few basic rules are observed.



What WILL it dye?

Protein (animal) fibres such as wool, alpaca, feathers, silk & also nylon (as long as is it IS nylon!)

What WON'T it dye?

Plant (vegetable) fibres such as cotton, hemp, flax, bamboo, and not acrylics and most other man made fibres.

How does if fix?

By adding citric acid and raising the dye bath temperature to just below boiling. Please see FibreDYE help page for more tips and dye techniques.

Where can I get more help?

You'll find more detailed instructions on our FibreDYE help page together with safety information, tips and recipes for stove top dyeing, microwave dyeing and steamer dyeing.

Disclaimer: * We do not guarantee the result nor do we accept responsibility for the outcome of your dyeing. Dyeing is a craft requiring skill and experience and the colours and effects achieved will depend on many factors. Always test first especially where the results are more critical.

Download "safety in use recommendations" (pdf)


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