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church mouse

Felting needle holder

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Beautifully hand crafted in the UK

  • Ergonomically shaped and designed for comfort and precision.
  • Suitable for holding all types of felting needle
  • Each one individually hand made with a distinctive carved acorn topped design
  • Beautifully created with passion and pride from quality British wood
  • Includes a cute metal mouse charm!
  • Available in 2 sizes Prima and Ultra
  • Wood shade may vary

How to use:

To insert felting needle into the holder simply remove the small wooden peg from inside the handle, then place the needle into the groove ensuring the top angled part of the needle is facing into the centre of the peg. Insert the peg up into the wooden handle until it feels tight and secure.

Keep your needle safe and secure:

When not in use simply invert the wooden peg and store the needle up inside the handle