Litmus acidity tester paper

Dye water pH testers

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The simple way to test the acidity (pH) of your dye bath water!

For more predictable results when dyeing, test the pH (acidity) of your dye bath water. To use dip a strip of pH tester paper in the dye bath water then match the colour to the results chart supplied. Depending on the reading you should add enough citric acid (or white vinegar) to achieve a pH reading of around 4.

Each pack contains...

  • 1 book of 80 test strips
  • PH colour results chart

Check out our Fibre Dyers Help Page for dyeing tips plus a few recipes for stove top dyeing, microwave dyeing and steamer dyeing!

This pH tester kit allows you to accurate test the pH of various substances including foodstuff, Aquarium/Water, Urine, Soil etc.

Litmus Paper test strips change colour within 15 seconds to be matched with the pH scale colour chart

Scales is as follows:-

1-3 Indicates a very high Acidic Substance
4-6 Indicates an Acidic Substance
7 Indicates Neutral
8-11 Indicates an Alkaline Substance
12-14 Indicates a very high level of Alkalinity

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