Fibre rinse (114ml)


Great for setting the twist on handspun yarn!

Fibre Rinse is a scented fiber conditioning rinse that leaves fabrics soft and fresh, with a hint of lavender. Fibre Rinse is designed to optimize conditioning of the natural fibre (wool, etc.) cuticle and enhance the softness of delicate synthetic items. Provides lustre, softness and anti-static benefits to all natural fibres. Refreshing fragrance and non-yellowing.

  • Reduces the "itch factor" in wools
  • Earth friendly, biodegradable.
  • 114ml (4oz) bottle

How to set the twist on handspun yarn

  1. After your yarn is spun, wind it off the bobbin using a niddy-noddy.
  2. Tie the yarn in 4 sections around the skein so it does not get tangled during the setting process.
  3. Fill up a bowl with warm water and add 2 drops of Fibre Rinse to the water.
  4. Swish the rinse in the water.
  5. Place the yarn gently in the water and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  6. Gently remove the yarn from the water and hang in the shower or outside to dry. To speed up drying time, use a salad spinner or spin-dryer to remove excess water from the yarn before drying.
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