Selection box - A taste of humbug


Discover some new wool favourites!

This lovely fibre selection box is a fantastic way for you to try and compare a range of combed wool tops. Here's a fun selection blended to produce a natural striped effect similar to a humbug sweet!

We hope that you discover some new favourites! They are all 100% natural wool in 100% natural shades (so no dyes). Nicely boxed this selection comes with brief fact sheet describing each fibre to help you decide how you may use each one. Total fibre weight 200g approx. Would make a very nice gift.

    What's in the box?

    1. Scrumptious Shetland
      With all the qualities of one of our best British wools this humbug is a blend of white and moorit Shetland. Spin randomly for a tweedy effect or seperate out and have some fun! Shetland yarns can be used for anything from the most delicate shawls to chunky sweaters and blankets. Also excellent for felting.

    2. Joyful Jacob
      This humbug is a blend of 3 natural shades - white, grey and black Jacob (not a true black). Jacob is a very versatile fibre ideal for spinning, felting and dyeing plus many other crafts.

    3. Bountiful BFL
      Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) humbug is a blend of natural white, oatmeal and brown combed top. It is a fine, soft and lustrous longwool breed and is a good 'British' alternative to merino. It is a popular choice for garments as it is soft enough to be worn next to the skin.

    4. Marvellous Merino
      A beautiful fine and soft blend of natural grey and white merino combed top. Merino wool has played a long and fasinating role in international fashion over the centuries but its big break came after WW1 when Coco Chanel produced a dress of fine wool jersey.


    This item is 100% natural wool. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source. FibreHut are official supporters of the campaign for wool.

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