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Set of 4 Monochrome Towels

Set of 4 Monochrome Towels

made by me

Jane Stafford published the draft for 12 towels using plain weave, twill and turned twill and wove them in real time on her You Tube channel during the first lockdown back in 2020.

I wove along with her and it was a real life saver as well as a great learning experience. I have since woven a few more sets in various different colours as requested by friends and family – it seems that once you have used a hand woven tea towel you will not want to use anything else!

I use 8/2 Venne Organic Cotton sett at 18epi for Plain Weave and 20epi for Twill. Here I've used a monochrome palette of charcoal, white, silver and grey in 8/2 Organic Cotton and a twill structure for checks, pin wheels, stripes and blocks.

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