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Traditional spinning wheel double drive

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The Traditional has been the world’s most popular spinning wheel for 70 years!

The Ashford traditional spinning wheel has a single treadle which is smooth and effortless and you'll find it easy to maintain a steady speed. The 3 legs give good stability on any surface. Comes with a Lazy Kate and 4 standard bobbins, threading hook and a learn to spin booklet.

  • Natural finish (Ashford wax recommended)
  • Single foot treadle
  • Wheel diameter 56cm (22")
  • Orifice 1cm (⅜")
  • Orifice height 67.5cm (26.5")
  • Double drive model
  • Double drive ratios: 7.5, 9.5, 13 (16 bobbin lead)
  • Weight 8kg (17½lb)
  • Flat packed - assembly required

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