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Traveller spinning wheel double drive

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Delightful castle style spinning wheel!

The Ashford Traveller is a delightful castle style spinning wheel is easy to start with double treadles and a comfortable heel-toe action! Ball bearings make treadling smooth and effortless.

  • Double foot treadle
  • Wheel diameter 46cm (18")
  • Orifice 1cm (⅜")
  • Orifice height 80cm (31.5")
  • Bobbin capacity 100g (3-4oz)
  • Double drive model
  • Double drive ratios: 6, 8, 10.5 (13 bobbin lead)
  • Weight 7kg (15lb)
  • Assembly required 
  • Comes with 4 standard bobbins, threading hook, learn to spin booklet

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