A big thank you to all those who attended the Fibrehut BIG spin and weave day on Thursday 21st April 2016

If you were unable to attend our event this time you can read a little about how the day went below... just make sure that you join us next time!

kate sherratt at fibrehut

Here's how the day went...

The marquee...

We hired a lovely marquee which turned out to be a nice comfortable venue for our 70 or so guests with lots of space to sit and spin and watch the demonstrations. 


The guests...

Over 70 enthusiastic spinners, weavers and fibre artists enjoyed a great day with special guest "Kate Sherratt" from Ashford New Zealand plus free cake, free wheel check up and lots of lovely fibre from the fibrehut shop! A big thank you to all those who attended! We had around 20 or so people bring their own wheels to sit and spin all day and thanks to our free wheel servicing, there were no annoying squeaks!

Kate Sherratt from New Zealand...

Well what can we say about the lovely Kate. Firstly a big BIG thank you for travelling all the way from New Zealand and for all the expert, helpful advice and especially for her unique fun filled presentation style! For those of you who don't know, Kate is the sales & marketing manager with Ashford Handicrafts, Ashburton, New Zealand. |

Kate was only too pleased to meet all of the Fibrehut customers and answered lots and lots of questions. Her fantastic demonstrations included the Ashford range of spinning wheels, drum carders, blending boards, table top looms and more. She also shared lots of very helpful tips with the very appreciative audience. There's nothing quite like seeing things done first hand and close up. Subjects covered included the new vari dent reeds, warp and weft, double heddle weaving, using pick up sticks and lots more! Kate was assisted on the day by Kathy Webb whom gets another big thank you from us!

Everyone went away with extra knowledge, raised confidence and renewed enthusiasm!

ashford day at fibrehut west midlands

Time for FREE cake...

You can't have spin day without free cake can you and Melting Moments Designer Cakes provided some gorgeous sheepy cakes that went down very well indeed!

sheep cakes

The cake below was subjected to a scientific 'taste test' by Dave.....

.... and as you can see, it passed the test with flying colours!

Thanks also to Hileys coffee shop who were very busy all day serving teas, coffees breakfasts and lunches.

FREE wheel service & check up...

A big thank you to David Herring who was on hand to service, oil and check over everyone's spinning wheel for free! He was kept busy fitting lots of drive bands, tension springs, leather con rod joints, tightening up screws and getting rid of plenty of squeaks!! (Top tip: oil your wheel little and often for trouble free use!)

Shopping time at Fibrehut...

The fibrehut shop stayed open throughout the day and was filled with Oooos and Ahhhhs from the sight of the fibrey goodies on offer! We stayed open until the very last guest left so there was plenty of time for shopping with lots of people browsing and buying. As it was such a lovely sunny day the stock overflowed out onto the courtyard so we had lots and lots of gorgeous fibre, drop spindles, reeds, heddle kits, bobbins, blending boards, wheels, carders, wool combs and so much more!

We are proud to assure our customers that as an official dealer we are part of the Ashford Handicrafts family with direct access to full product support and help to keep your Ashford product working well for years to come. Together we will continue to encourage and inspire people from all walks of life and of all ages to take up develop and enjoy the wonderful crafts of spinning, weaving, carding and dyeing.

We hope all of our guests enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you again soon! Watch out for future events and sit and spin days at FibreHut.