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Join in day at fibrehut, Boxtrees Farm

Spinners, weavers and felters will be pleased to hear that Fibrehut are making every Saturday a 'Join in Day' at Boxtrees Farm. From Saturday 3rd June onwards you'll be able to come and join us from 10am to 4pm to sit, chat, spin, weave, eat cake, felt, knit or use our drum carder! *BOOK A TRIP FOR YOUR GUILD or group and we'll give you all of your members a discount on the day! ...read more here!

Here at FibreHut we promise a warm welcome, friendly service and sound advice. We stock over 100 varieties of combed wool top, merino, silk, fibre & fleece, plus Ashford spinning wheels, drop spindles, weaving looms, reeds, shuttles, bobbins, flyers, hand cards, drum carders, wool combs, beaters, lazy kates, felting kits, dyes, wool fat soaps, jars of lanolin, knitting bags, the wonderful herdy™ range plus lots more delightful sheepy themed gifts and goodies!

Shop securely online for delivery to your door or ring to reserve & collect any item or visit us in person and try before you buy (subject to availability - always ring before travelling). Bring your Ashford wheel for a FREE SERVICE 'while u wait' at our in store service bay.