Hem Stitching

I'm often asked how new weavers can keep the first and last pick of their work from unravelling without having to tie knots once the item has been removed from the loom. I use a simple hem stitch – especially for items that have a fringe such as a scarf or blanket and I do it while the work is still on the loom.

Here's how I do it...

Leave a tail of 3 times the width of your weaving on the first “real” pick. I usually have the tail on the right hand side of my work. Weave 2 or 3 inches of your project and position your work so that the fell line is in the centre of your weaving area. Take a blunt ended tapestry or sewing up needle and thread it onto the tail of that first pick. Wrap a minimum of 2 warp ends (I usually wrap 4 warp ends) by coming up 2 threads to the left and back down 2 threads to the right.

Come up 2 threads to the left but also 2 (or more) weft picks above (or below if at the end of the work as the photo shows)

Take the needle down in the same place but 2 picks below (or above if at the end of the work as the photo shows)

Repeat across your work. This has effectively wrapped 2 warp threads and 2 weft picks and will secure your first weft pick. Just remember to do the same at the other end to secure the last pick before you cut your work off the loom!