Spin with Swaledale

I had never spun Swaledale before but I thought as there is lots of it in the shop I might TEST some!

The first thing I noticed is it's an absolutely gorgeous natural misty silver grey which I adore. It is very easy to spin both worsted and semi woolen. Not too grabby and not too slippery either. Medium length staple and although it may feel a little prickly to very sensitive skins it was actually a lot softer than I expected although not as soft as BFL or Merino. I will be recommending this to future spinning newbies as it can take a fair bit of twist but doesn't easily fall apart if slightly under spun - so it's quite forgiving.

I think it would be really nice for an outer garment such as a cardigan or jacket as it would wear well.

Try some... you'll like it... I do!