How much fibre do I need?

I often get asked how much fibre would be required for a particular spinning project. I have prepared a guide below which may help you.

For spinning...

100g of fibre will spin 100g of yarn the yardage of which depends on how finely you spin. The weight chart below will also depend on the size and tension of the finished garment.

  • 100g - pair of mittens, pair of socks, a hat
  • 300g - cushion cover, shawl, long scarf
  • 600g - baby blanket, cardigan, ladies sweater

Fibre can be easily mixed and blended and slight shade variations particularly in natural wool (very much in it's nature) are acceptable. If you want to avoid shade variations buy enough fibre to finish your project so that it comes from the same batch. If colour matching or texture is important to you, get a free sample first.

For needle felting...

100 grams of fibre will compress down to a grapefruit sized solid 3D shape (approx).Often felting only requires smaller amounts and a convenient way to buy fibre is in mixed bags and selection packs.

Hope this helps!


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