How much fibre will I need?


100g of fibre will spin 100g of yarn the yardage of which will depend on how finely you spin. The weight chart below is a helpful guide but will of course depend on the size and tension of the final garment. If colour matching is important to you always buy enough fibre to finish your project from one batch as there could be slight shade variations from batch to batch (this is in the nature of natural wool products).

Approx fibre wool weights


For needle and wet felting 100 grams will go a very long way. For smaller amounts Merino can be purchased in mini selection packs. Needle felters often use core wool which is a cost effective way to quickly build up 3D shapes before topping off with the desired colours and textures. Another popular felters product is merino wool pre-felt which has been slightly needled ready for further needle felting, or wet felting, or to be used as a base for wet and needle felting.


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