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Made by Me

Cobblestones Scarf

Cobblestones Scarf

made by me

This pattern is taken directly from Exploring Woven Fabric by Janet Phillips.

Her scarf is woven with colourful hand-dyed silk on a background of wool. This one uses a fine lambswool and a 4 strand cotton gradient instead of silk but the Deflected Double Weave structure relies on the different fibres shrinking and behaving differently when the cloth is fulled and finished. The background fibres (the wool) felt slightly and the silk or cotton becomes raised. As a consequence, this fabric is a little stiffer and denser. The Mixology cotton yarn I used has extremely long colour shifts created by changing just one of 4 strands (not plies) every 50 yards or so. The yarn used here changed from a deep blue to a turquoise teal green.


9.5" wide and 84" long (excluding the fringe) so plenty to wrap around!

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