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Made by Me

Overshot Leaves Scarf

Overshot Leaves Scarf

made by me

Overshot is a very traditional weave that can be thought of as a weft pattern on top of a ground cloth.

The pattern weft is often twice as thick as the warp and the warp thread is also usually used as a plain weave pick either side of the pattern picks. This leaf pattern uses a sequential (rather than symetrical) threading and is taken from the Handweavers Pattern Book by Anne Dixon.

I used the same slow colour changing cotton as my Cobblestone scarf for the pattern yarn – it starts with the teal green and moves through tan and chocolate to dark brown and I thought it would be particularly suitable for a leaf pattern. I used a commercial lace-weight Merino/Silk knitting yarn in Oyster for the warp and the plain weave picks.


9.5" wide and 70" long (excluding the fringe) - Wear it cravat style under a blazer perhaps.

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