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FANTASIA spinning wheel
FANTASIA spinning wheel

FANTASIA spinning wheel

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For Kromski fans who want a modern style wheel the FANTASIA offers a fantastic design & superb function... Free postage on this wheel!

This wheel is supplied in natural unfinished wood. Apply your choice of wax polish to enhance and protect.

FibreHut's assembly & wax polishing service is available on collected orders or you can easily apply a nice coat of wax yourself. Try before you buy and classes also available on this wheel (by appointment).

Many assume the distinguishing feature of a Fantasia is the curved lines of the weighted wheel accent, when it is actually the inconspicuous design of the flyer that garners the most recognition. This flyer design allows the spinner to easily and quickly transition from bobbin to bobbin without having to remove a drive band. The flyer itself is held on by a super strong rare earth magnet but easily releases with a snug pull, granting instant access to the bobbin. The flyer, bobbin and whorl are three separate components, allowing uncomplicated bobbin and whorl exchanges. Because the flyer and wheel rotate on sealed ball bearings, spinning on this wheel is smooth, quiet and effortless.


  • Wheel diameter 46cm (18")
  • Orifice 10mm (3/8")
  • Standard whorl ratios 5 and 8:1
  • Durable brass bearings on treadles
  • Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins
  • Single drive
  • Scotch tension
  • Double foot treadle
  • Magnetic flyer
  • 2 bobbin on-board lazy kate
  • Total weight 5.7kg (12.5lbs)

This wheel also features sliding flyer hooks, which enables the spinner to precisely adjust the yarn as the bobbin fills. The Fantasia has three interchangeable whorls available, allowing for multiple spinning speeds/ratios and giving the spinner a wide variety of yarn types to create. If you are contemplating adding a modern wheel to your collection, you will not be disappointed with the offerings found in the Fantasia.

Comes with...

  • 3 standard bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity)
  • Spinning Wheel Oil
  • Threading Hook
  • Magnetic flyer 

Optional extras...

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