Texsolv heddles 220mm (100)


Suitable for the Ashford table loom and the Ashford Katie loom!

Knotless, non stretching, durable polyester heddles that stay equal length and the eyes are always the same level.

The heddles are easily set up and organized on the loom shafts. They are bundled in a continuing row so they will not be tangled up. The heddles are joined but can easily be separated if necessary, e.g. if a heddle needs to be removed or replaced. The heddles can be used connected or cut with sharp scissors (*see image). Cutting is best done when the heddles are on the harness.

  • TX220/12
  • length 220mm
  • 100 Texsolve Heddles
  • Eye 12mm
  • Green

Also suitable for Glimarkra band lom, Glimarkra pysslingen loom, Tokia leena loom & Macomber baby mac loom. Find out more about system Texsolv on the manufacturers website.




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